About us

 CubanMeans is an exceptional experience. It’s the opportunity to approach and meet Cuba’s culture. With us you’ll find great suggestions and information about cultural events, like the most relevant movies and ballet festivals, carnivals and religious procession, etc. For those of you interested in professional events, we also instruct you on International Conferences and Conventions in different fields heldabout-us in our country.

CubaMeans is always about people; is getting under the surface, living real experiences and having a new appreciation about this country, its people and culture.

In this web you can find interesting offers to travel to Cuba in small groups, making your trip an amazing opportunity to share adventures with people that you really matter, make new friends and learn about Cuban society. Together, we can know better the Cuban reality and all these without giving up the enjoyment of our famous beaches and the heritage of the Historical Centers.

We promote sustainable tourism practices and direct people to people contact. We support local businesses of small private initiatives that work with social responsibility. So, you can find easily in our plans:

  • homestay accommodation
  • meals and drinks in small restaurants, cafes and bars
  • excursions to agro ecological farms
  • local craftsmen shops
  • walking tours and horseback riding with locals
  • private own transportations
  • encounters with artists and/or writers

Our mission is to give you a direct and personalized attention. We promote balance of budget, flexibility and independence in our tours.

CubaMeans team:

We are a small group of young Cubans entrepreneurs, a team of good friends, starting by ourselves. Right now we are four professionals working together and at least two more collaborating with us. Making some statistics, I can say that 3 of us are Sociologist (that’s the 50%), one informatics, one Historian and a designer. Three are females so we are 50% too. Disaggregating by color we are 3 white, 2 blacks, and 1 mestizo. The arithmetic mean of the group age are in 30.5 years.

Some numbers that we have to a 100%:

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