Viñales Tour from Havana

This is one of the most shared vinalday trips from Havana, is a perfect opportunity to see one of the most beautiful nature art work in Cuba. Including a stop on a Tobacco Farm, the Cave of the Indian with two submerged rivers and an Ecological Farm.

Viñales is a Cuban National Park since 1999, located at 178km from Havana. Pronounced by UNESCO a Natural Heritage of the Humanity. Also, it’s a wonderful opportunity to see Mogotes, a unique mountain formation in the country.

The Viñales Valley in the Sierra de los Organos, near the western end of the island of Cuba, is encircled by mountains with an spectacular form like a dome. These are the Mogotes that rise as high as 300m.

The quality of this cultural landscape is enhanced by the architecture of its farms and villages, where a rich multi-cultural society survives, its architecture, crafts and music illustrating the cultural development of Cuba and the islands of the Caribbean.

It is also significant for its traditional agricultural practices related to growing tobacco. This labor continued inside the families and the farms, going from the father to the son and involving all the family. This farms still use traditional techniques because the mechanical methods of cultivation and harvesting lower the quality of tobacco, antique methods such as animal traction are still used.

The landscape is largely rural. Most of the buildings are simple, built of local and natural materials and used as homes or family farms.

Millions of years ago, underground rivers eroded the limestone bedrock, creating vast caverns. Like the result of this natural event, the Valley contains the Gran Cavern of Saint Tomas, the island’s largest cave system. Viñales is a major touristic destination, offering mainly hiking

and rock climbing. The local climbing scene has started to take off in the last few years with many new routes being discovered resulting in an increase of local tourism. Also there’s a Canopy with beautiful sights throughout the whole way.

There’s a lot more to say about this adventure, but we rather invite you to live it for yourself with Cuba Means. Make your reservation now!!!

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