Havana Walking Tour

Visit some of Havana’s most iconic features as you wander through the oldest part of this marvelous city. This UNESCO protected city has many historic sites to visit on this approximately 2 hours tour with a local guide, who will provide you with the wealth of knowledge necessary to know about Havana’s old center. A city famous for being looted by pirates, desired by the British and fiercely protected by the Spanish. A great way to start to discover the treasures that Havana hides in her cobbled streets.

During your stance in what is known as the capital of all Cubans, you’ll be able to explore both the touristic areas of the city and the less known underground suburbs. Havana is very safe, you can walk very late at night and can rest assured that nothing will happen. People are very friendly and will always be willing to help you in anything.

You’ll receive a walking tour with one of our very knowledgeable guides. The tour will go through the five major squares of old Havana where you’ll be able to get some of the most beautiful photos of the city while you hear about its history and its legends. Havana is beautiful, but knowing its details makes the visit even more delightful.

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